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A Product Developer.

Working to create 
Innovotive sustainable products and materials with Function and   Purpose .


This is 

A Product and Materials Developer, Researcher, and, Technical Designer with a passion for developing innovative, sustainable, functional, and refined products, enhancing performance and user experience. With a unique approach to creating from a background in science and design Specialising in Sustainable Performance  Apparel, Accessories, and, Materials.


A catalyst for creativity and vibe curator.  I take time to make sure everything is worth doing.  Never creating for the sake of more, but building innovative ideas and concepts with purpose. 

 Sustainability   Sourcing 

 Product Development     

 Project Management

 Range Building    Branding 

 Materials   Costing 

 Creative problem-solving 

 Research and Development 

 Curiosity    Innovation 


I promote holistic  sustainable  thinking in everything I do.  

With focus, working
solutions  for a better  future .

I've found that it is easy to make things complicated.  So instead I like to ask lots of questions to drill down to find out what's important, and then work with the team to make a great plan to execute.


Keeping up-to-date with the leading industry direction through a great network I've built, enables me to help companies create more meaningful and more sustainable experiences for customers. Through R&D I believe anything can be developed or refined as a quote from one of the great inventors states...


                          There's a way to do it better - find it. 

                                                            -- Thomas Edison


I love working on a range of interesting projects in Product and Material Development, from guiding teams into a sustainable future to joining a research team and functionalising the next super material into a product. 

If you’re working on something interesting get in touch I’d love to have a chat, develop ideas and see if I can be of service in one way or another. 


Clients &


I've been fortunate enough to have worked for and with some great people at very interesting companies 

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