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Professional Summary

A Product and Materials Developer, Researcher, and, Technical Designer with a passion to develop innovative, sustainable, functional, and refined products, enhancing performance and user experience. With a unique approach to creating from a background in science and design Specialising in Sustainable Performance Apparel, Accessories, and, Materials.


A catalyst for creativity and vibe curator.  I take time to make sure everything is worth doing.  Never creating for the sake of more, but building innovative ideas and concepts with purpose.   


 Adobe CC (AI, PS, ID)    Google Docs    Microsoft Office  

 Team communication software (Slack, Asana)   Speculative Thinking   

 Product Development    Material Sourcing and Development     Project Management    Graphic Design    PLM data management ( Zedonk, UpHance, Centric)  

 Critical path management    Comercial awareness    Creative Problem-Solving  

 Garment and Accessories Construction Knowledge    Global Communication 

 ALVANON Form    An Intuitive Consumer    Emotional Intelligence    Observation 

 Curiosity    Buying    R&D    Listening 

       And much more ...


2023 - present 

Product Development and GT Assistant  - PANGAIA  

PANGAIA is a community of changemakers, including scientists, technologists, and designers, all dedicated to safeguarding our environment. Our focus is clear: we create essential products using pioneering technology and bio-engineered materials. Sustainability and innovation are at the heart of everything we do.

As a part of this remarkable team, my role is to support product development and technical processes across all categories—Menswear, Womenswear, Kids, and Accessories. It's a dynamic position working cross-functionally with design, merchandising, R&D, Impact and Production. I am in daily communication with suppliers across the world managing timelines, risk assessing and problem solving. I help make sure that the PLM is up to date and is maintained as a point of truth alongside other vital documents. I have taken the lead on wearer trials, documenting the feedback and utilising it to improve our products during the development phases. I support the organising and running of fit sessions meticulously measuring and recording product details and coordinating them with our valued vendors to ensure seamless deliveries. 

To excel in this role, I have brought strong communication skills, unwavering attention to detail, a genuine passion for fashion and our product range, adaptability, eagerness to learn, and organizational finesse whilst maintaining a stoic and positive attitude through changing times. 

At PANGAIA, we're not just designing products; we're designing a sustainable and brighter future for our planet, one innovative step at a time. It's an exciting journey, and I'm proud to be a part of it.


Product Developer - RÆBURN  

RÆBURN is a pioneering fashion brand renowned for its responsible and intelligent design ethos. With a focus on repurposing surplus materials, their collaborative studio in East London produces award-winning, handcrafted, and globally manufactured products that embody high concept, accessibility, and sustainability across menswear, womenswear, luggage, homeware, and accessories.

As a Product Developer at RÆBURN, my role was to lead and support the development of menswear, womenswear, and accessories for the RÆBURN brand as well as our ÆGENCY client projects. 
Working closely with the Head of Product, Garment Tech, Design, and Production Team I ensured that product specifications, construction, and fit met the highest quality standards. I collaborated with suppliers and manufacturers worldwide, providing feedback and guidance to achieve responsible design and production practices. I also sourced and developed materials and trims, tracking new developments until scaled and commercially usable. I led the creation of a new materials toolbox and also presented it to clients for agency projects. 

With my strong attention to detail and technical expertise, I contributed to the smooth development process and enhanced product performance and aesthetics.


Circular Economy Coordinator - TYF 

TYF is an adventure company committed to using the power of play and learning in wild places to reconnect people to each other, our environment, and the shift needed to re-balance wellbeing.

TYF was awarded Circular Economy funding by the Welsh Government to create a Planetary Repair station in their retail space. I was asked to turn their ideas for this project into a reality. Managing this new project included transforming the new space into a community hub and repair centre, initiating Reuse Projects and finding creative commercial solutions, creating a customer experience and community based around Reuse, Repair and Repurposing.


Product Manager - Get The Boys A Lift 

Get the Boys a Lift is a non-profit community interest organisation working to better improve mental health within communities. 

I was hired to come in and build a broad merchandise range that would satisfy and excite our donators. Through research and design, we produce a fun range of merchandise carrying our message for all ages. Initially, I helped develop the online and in-store experience for customers and aided in managing and developing branding and internal systems.  I successfully addressed and improved sustainability issues during the growth of the company.


Product Developer (Freelance) - Guapa Co.

Guapa Co. is a Premium Luggage, Custom Headwear and Travel Accessories company. 

I was brought in to assist in designing and developing a new sustainable range of packs and accessories.  During this time we went through a rebrand, grew our online presence and showed at SEEK in Berlin fashion week.  We also managed the development and production of luggage and accessories for larger brands. 

2018- 2020

Studio Assistant - Death Spray Custom

Recently named one of the UK's most collectable contemporary artists. 

I help out at the studio at different stages when needed during the creation of pieces, learning practical customisation skills but also about collaboration, the Art industry, design philosophies, concepts and ideas. 


Production Intern - Hiut Denim Co.

Hiut is a denim jeans manufacturer based in West Wales offering an ethical and stylish Raw denim experience.


I came in as an intern working with the production team.  I learnt as much as I could by assisting the production team as well as spending time with different teams and attending directors meetings. 


Assistant Manager - Unsunghero 

unsunghero is a small independent specialty surf/skate lifestyle company offering stylish and functional high-end performance clothing and hardware along with a specialty coffee bar. 

I was brought in to assist in managing the store and building the brand.  During my time there I worked with a web developer and redesigned the website. We improved our online presence and sales.  I designed a small line of clothing for the store as well as building and managing the board riders club and sponsorship programme.  


Senior Beach Lieguard - RNLI 

The charity that saves lives at sea. 

I was responsible for managing a team of lifeguards providing a safe as possible environment for beach users and responding to emergency situations providing life-saving assistance.  I conducted emergency situations and coordinated with other emergency services when necessary.



Shaws Academy

Professional Diploma in Graphic Design 

2017- Defered for now (it's a long story)

The Polytechnic University of Hong Kong HK

Fellowship Scheme Funded, Phd. Textile Engineering Research Project 


The University Of Leeds UK

MSc. Advanced Textiles - Graduated with a Distinction from the School of Design


The University of Plymouth UK

BSc. Hon Surf Science and Technology - Graduated with 2:1


Outdoor adventure!  Exploring, experiencing new things, and pushing myself.  Surfing, Cycling, Running, Swimming, and Climbing.  Anything customised.  Specialty Coffee.  Personal development and learning about new technologies.  Side projects include designing, making, and customising gear.  3D printing and exploring 3D design.

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